Impact of Midterms

Hey ya'll,

Nick here, I'm currently chilling at Westin Harbour Castle with Tony Dinh, Ryan Seager(Queen's budday), Vino Jeyapalan, Vijay " ", Joey (sorry can't remember last name, he's co-chair of MYTF though!), Naeem, and Herman singh..

Midterms ended last week for me at Queen's, had a great weekend with the Queen's Model Parliament pre-social, CHOW SAUCE!!! Yeah David Chow, the best prime minister, leader of the Liberal party.

Currently at Impact Entrepreneurship Conference, mad inspiring and legit.

Don't really have enough energy to write anymore.. Lots of work these two weeks! schools ending in a few weeks.. Anyways got to bounce! Hope all is well with ya'll, I will post some music ASAP.



A Beautiful Day - Great Study Tune

I just realized that I can multi-task a bit and post in lectures.. Especially film.

Here's a song I stumbled on recently during some study sessions in the Harry Potter library, a.k.a. Douglas Library.


Blog Names.. Blog Content.. I Know Where You Live..


Here's the deal. My friend Alex Mansourati wants to create a blog. Except he doesn't know what to name it, tis a shame. He's been asking for some recommendations on what the name should be from some fellow floor-mates. The best name in my opinion that has come about is Manzaroni & Cheese. I mean really, is that not the best damn blog name you've heard in a good ol' time? It's nearly as good as CollegeHumor.

Another name he came up with was Flip in and Flip out. Now I know I haven't updated in a while! but I want anybody who reads this to respond ASAP on what he should do.

The guy is a little shorter than I am, he's a strapping young man with.. Some things going for him, ladies he can calculate taxes really well! Here's his FACEBOOK!!!


JM New Single \\ Battle Studies in 4 weeks

John Mayer fans, here's the single, won't be here for long I'm sure it will get taken down or something..

Who says I can't get stoned? I think JM's been toking a bit since he released continuum

Who Says - John Mayer


Noah and the Whale


Here's another quick one -> Noah and the Whale, just discovered them a day or so ago. They've been playing along on my playlist with Mother Mother..


A Pack Of Whales \\ K-Town Sound


I'm in between Devs and Polisci right now, and I've got to toss this one up. I've mentioned him before as a music discovery system and a great musician himself. Clayton McCaw from Unionville/Markham, now residing in K-town has this to offer your ears.



Hey peoples!

I hardly ever post but, I'm really busy at school so I'm gonna try and do study quickies, which are just quick posts while I'm studying and I get a spontaneous burst of excitement to share with the interwebs..

I'll post a link to songs later!

Oh by the way the band is Mother, Mother -> cred goes to Will Cairncross for showing me the band, pretty bomb check em out


Been Movin' Around Lately \\ Colo Summer 09

Hey errbody,

Nick here. Been slacking on the blog updates, I've been traveling around and just mossin' so I'm just going to give a small peak into where I'm at now.

In sunny warm beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Where my poppa lives. It's heaven here, nearly every restaurant caters to Gluten Free peeps such as myself. The prices on things are unbeatable, the people here are ULTRA chilled out, most of them are hippies or serious outdoors people similar to Omar. The best part about it all is every time you look to the West, you see a beautiful screensaver-like landscape of the Rockies, I plan to live here at some point for sure.

Here's some of what's going on here, we're enjoying ourselves, a LOT of shopping though, my mom says she's getting more hype each day, not as hype as Liam she said though. Oh but she says my dad needs a lesson in hypeness from Liam because he did not hype Whole Foods up enough.

Whole Foods is a CRAZY awesome all natural grocery store that is always packed with people.

"sick deal"

our chrysler and our mountains

twilight with lense as a face?

maybe my new board?

boards boards boards


Yeah Let's Be Honest High School..

Home Warming\\Shawarma & Mango Carrot Juice..

Waoohh, it's been about 2 weeks since I've been home. My usual two week vacation in the summer to Youth Camp in Cobourg at the yellow Francis cottage, and then the following week to Muskoka->Huntsville->Sprucedale area->Parry Sound District for some shreddage and hardcore chillin.

Returned last night with Krystle after a 5-hour drive around Ontario.. Stopped in Barrie for some interesting chips at biker chip truck. The girl forgot our orders a few times before getting it right, but the chips were decent. It was a funny place though still, right behind a Motorcycle store off the side of a road, and there was this pig Daisy walking around on a leash. Yeah.. Barrie is interesting.

Got home and did some paperwork for Queen's, I think we're at.. what? 20 days til move-in now? Queen's seems to email me every 3 days I swear, but it's all good. I enjoy reading them because it's been a good reminder of where I am going, and it forces me to remember where I've come from.

Went to Tom's and watched Calvin suck at Wii Golf, and then to watch him lose his temper with one of the putters, hilarious. Props to Meyer for running the show, Tom did alright til he landed 3 or 4 Water Hazards in a row..

After Tom's we reached Unionville for some Jazz and Confectionary Iced cream.. Got to love that Marble SLAB GOOD LO... Ok got a little excited there, yeah their iced cream is bomb, Kawartha Dairy on an ice plate? That's bomb.


Today I took some time to re-adjust. When I woke up I went straight to TMNOD, and oh to my greatest surprise there was five brand new episodes of Entourage waiting for me! I spent most of the day viewing them in HD on demand.. I enjoyed it, except every time Ari's blackberry went off I kept thinking it was mine so I'd get up to get it and then realize what a fool I am.. If anybody else has caught up with the show recently, did you see Turtle's ferrari and porsche.. mmhm... Season 6 has been interesting so far, stoked to see more..

Finally, I got some Shahwarma and Mango Carrot juice to refuel my mind. The reason I was able to write this post and hopefully publish all that I've collected in the past two weeks. My ma just walked in with some indiano foods for me to munch on, left-overs you know how we do.. Camp/Cottage photos and video to come, stay tuned for some seen Tyler Jay wakeboarding clips, Andrew Choe's bails, and Liam Goslett's hypeshow.